Douliana Village

Sheep, olives, good food and tsikoudia

Douliana is a gem. Still at heart a traditional and ancient Cretan village, it is reliant on sheep and olive farming for its main sources of income. A handful of rental villas add a mix of nationalities to the diners at “Ta Douliana”, an old -established taverna with a cool, tree shaded courtyard which attracts many Greek families from the surrounding area at weekends.

The kafeneion, in the tiny village square, is well used by the villagers and is an ideal place for people watching with a Greek coffee or a glass of raki, or tsikoudia as the Cretans call it.

A small mini-market and bar at Natalia’s Houses is run by the charming and helpful Vasso and Natalia Lourakis, who speak perfect English.  A second taverna, Heliostasi, next to Natalia’s Houses has an amazing view over the valley up to the White Mountains from the terrace, a pretty garden and an excellent traditional menu.

All are within easy walking distance of the villa.

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